Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

The law requires that employers including self-employed, ensure that all electrical equipment that they provide in their business is safe and properly maintained.

PAT testing is the most effective way to identify defects that come with use.

Here at Greater Manchester PAT Testing:

• We specialize in commercial PAT testing

• Fully qualified and insured

• We use the latest Seaward Apollo testing technology

• Competitively priced starting from as low as 50p per item

• Safe IT testing 110V

• 240V appliance testing

• Same day certificate


Fixed Wire Testing

Fixed wire testing or periodic testing as it is sometimes referred to, ensures electrical circuits around a building are safe and tested according to current regulations.

Fixed wire testing/periodic testing will:

• Check RCD’s are functioning properly

• Check for electrical shock risks

• Check for fire hazards within insulation

• Should reveal any defective DIY workmanship

• A detailed test report will be issued on completion

Frequency of periodic testing will depend on the type of installation and uses.

On average periodic testing should be carried out every 5 years.

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PAT Testing Requirements


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