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Technology is one of the most important development that has enormously helped the growth of civilization and human life, technological development has paved way for invention of machine that are designed to help in aiding human activities and increasing human productivities and output. However, technological appliances also have their disadvantages as a lot of them are responsible for many unfortunate activities in the world. This event occurs usually because these technological appliances are not properly tested to ensure that they are in good condition before sending them out to be purchased. One of those ways of ensuring the safety of appliances is through Portable Appliance Testing.

Portable Appliance testing or PAT is necessary, PAT  is the name of the process carried out in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and the Republic of Ireland through which electrical appliances are checked for safety routinely. PAT is an inspection of equipment and inspection of electrical appliances to ensure their safety. PAT involves inspection of any flexible cables and equipment for good condition. It also involves the testing of soundness of insulation between the current carrying parts and any exposed metal that can come in contact with the body. One of the main purposes of doing this is to inspect electrical appliances and equipment to ensure their safety for use. The PAT is specifically useful to avoid health hazards at work while using equipment.

In Rochadale, United Kingdom, PAT is a well-known necessity for ensuring health and safety of appliances. In Rochadale many faulty electrical appliances are to blame for several fires which is why one of the regulations is for many commercial environment ensure that portable appliances must undergo PAT Testing . Many experts technician in Rochadale use PAT Testing equipment to ascertain the safety of electrical appliances.

In Rochadale PAT testing equipment has been specifically developed for PAT, the PAT Testing equipment used by manufacturers are ensured to comply with the British standard code of practice and European product standards that are relevant to a particular appliance. The British provision and use of work equipment regulation 1998 covers everything from small portable equipments to even distribution systems. This infers that employers must ensure that all electrical equipment is safe and healthy for work and are properly maintained. More so The PAT test in Rochadale is covered by the Appliance British Law which is the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulation which requires that all electrical appliance are maintained to prevent danger, however, private properties are not covered by this law.

Carrying out the PAT test is usually done by hiring external companies that have official qualifications to test the electrical equipments such as HSE qualifications.

The routine for checking the user’s equipment and testing electrical appliances usually includes visual inspection, load tests, functional checks, flash testing, earth leakage tests, earth bond tests and functional checks. PAT Testing in Rochadale usually includes fast and efficient testing, and a full test report . For most PAT companies in Rochadale, after completion of testing and inspection, they usually give an inventory, test results of each appliance tested, a list of all items that failed the test and explanation for their failure as well as a pass or fail label on each appliance tested with a detail of the date of inspection and the due date fort next inspection

Failure to comply with the PAT standard in Rochadale usually leads to severe consequences for landlords and corporations ranging from imprisonment to fines (Get a free quote today).

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