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7th March 2017

Safety is becoming an important philosophy in the world today. Every country has its unique safety policy that is tailored towards ensuring the safety of life and property in that country. In UK today, safety is an important aspect of the society. The government of UK takes safety so serious that different policies are being made regularly on safety. One of the most recent policies made by the government of UK in relation to safety is the Portable Appliance Testing otherwise known as PAT.

Portable Appliance Testing is a safety procedure that is tailored towards ensuring a hazard free society by ensuring that all electrical appliances are properly checked for safety through series of visual and electronic inspections. PAT is carried out on regular basis by home owners to ensure that they meeting the safety obligations of their rented properties (link to landlord page). Due to the importance of PAT in the society today, innovative individuals and organizations have come up with new technologies for ensuring that Portable appliance are properly checked and tested in accordance with the recommended safety standard. This new technology is known as PAT tester .

PAT is an electrical testing device that is used to test any appliance in which a plug is fitted. It is a safety device that verifies the authenticity of electrical safety and operation of appliances and ensures that they are in accordance with the relevant safety guidelines and regulations. The PAT is designed to ensure that appliance imbue electrical safety parameters still work efficiently even while in service.

Getting the best PAT tester has always be a challenge for many people. This is because of the proliferation of PAT tester brands in the market today. However, it is still possible to get the best PAT tester even with the influx of different and new products in the market. To get the best PAT tester , certain factors has to be considered when buying these safety devices, some of the factors are;

Type of appliance to be tested: (to link to a new page not yet done with this URL)One of the most important factors to be considered in choosing PAT tester is the type of appliance to be tested. Different appliance requires unique PAT tester . This is why it is important for users of PAT testers to understand the appliance to be tested before choosing any PAT tester . Majorly the appliances being tested can either be voltage sensitive appliance or surge protected appliance. Voltage sensitive appliances most times use surge protection extension and they usually need unique PAT testers to be able accurately measure the correct readings.

How often the test is being performed: (Again new page this URL) Another important factor that users should consider is how often the appliance will be tested. The rate at which the appliance should be tested should be put into consideration if you intend to get the best PAT tester for your job. For users that want to be testing their appliance regularly need a more advance tester with the ability of performing various testing process and modern features. Most advance model of tester are very convenient to use, this is because of the fact that users can record and manage data on its large memory.

The number of tests to be carried out: It is important for users to consider the number of tests to be carried on appliance before getting a PAT tester . This will help them in ensuring that they get the best PAT tester that is suitable for the appliance testing task at hand.

How test results will be recorded: This is a crucial factor to be considered when choosing a PAT testing equipment. The results of some PAT tester can be recorded manually if the number of test conducted is not much. However, if the number of test is much, manual recording of test results can be very stressful and demanding. There are PAT testers that are specifically designed with built-in memory that allows users to download appliance data and test results later using specific software dedicated for that purpose. There are some advance PAT testers that allow users to print PAT certificates or run periodic reports on the appliances that are due for testing.

Mode of operation: The mode of operation of a PAT tester can go a long way to affect the test that is being carried out and how portable the test will be. Most testers either use battery or are powered by electricity. For those who want to use their PAT testers within an office environment, battery powered PAT testers are usually the best tester. This is due to the fact that they are very portable and can easily be used to conduct tests on appliances without seeking additional socket. However, most people still prefer electric powered model testers, this is because of the fact that they are offer high current earth bond tests and allow users to power up to 230V appliances.

Flash testing: This is a factor that some users consider when choosing a PAT tester . Flash testing is directed towards delivery 1500V or 3000V appliances with the view of testing dielectric strength of appliance. This test is not carried out by most users as it is peculiar to manufacturers and repairers of electrical appliances. Great care is usually exercised when carrying out this procedure; this is to ensure that sensitive electronic components aren’t damaged.

Budget: Irrespective of a user’s choice of PAT tester , the final decision on the type of PAT tester to buy is a function of his budget. Users with a juicy budget can get advanced and more sophisticated PAT tester with amazing functions. However, it is important that users at all time match their budget with the available testing devices and make a rational decision on the best appliances that suit his budget.

Getting the best PAT tester that suits the appliance testing task at hand can be very demanding and stressful. However, once users are equipped with the right information they can always make the right decision that will enable them to buy the best PAT tester.


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