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How much is PAT testing?

Before we start: Portable Appliance Testing is a process by which electrical appliances are routinely checked to see whether they are safe. Read more about the requirements of PAT testing at PAT Testing Info.

Many companies and domestic landlords first question is how much is PAT testing?

PAT testing prices can vary depending on the service provider you use.

A PAT testing minimum charge can be around 50 pence per item. However, this can depend on the amount of items you require testing and how spread out the items are in terms of building locations and number of rooms/floors which all determines how long it can take to PAT test a number of items.

A competent, well trained, and experienced PAT Testing Engineer would normally be able to test approximately 150 items per day in a workshop / factory environment, and up to 300 items per day in an office / call centre (depending on the layout, access to rooms etc…). Read more about this at PAT testing expert. A PAT Testing company with a team of engineers can do it faster, however, this would increase the price you would be expecting to pay for your electrical appliances to be tested due the number of staff required.

To reduce your PAT testing costs it is normally cheaper to search online for a local reputable PAT testing company because this reduce travel time for the company and more portable appliance can be tested in a day, therefore you should try searching for a “PAT tester near me”.

PAT testing prices can vary depending on location. For example PAT testing in Manchester can be cheaper than London due to higher living cost, however, generally they are similar when you compare companies of equal stature.

The cost of PAT testing can vary depending how competent the person or company is that is carrying out the PAT testing procedures. Always try to use a person or company that has been on a PAT training course because they have knowledge and experience about electricity and can recognise hazards whilst working safely.

These considerations can mean that the PAT testing overall price can be increased due to a better value of service.

No matter how much you pay for your PAT testing services you should always get PAT testing stickers put on all of your tested items to show when they were tested. You should also receive a PAT testing certificate as evidence to the relevant authorities and insurance providers that your electrical items are safe.

How often you get your items tested can mean a higher overall price. It is recommended that PAT testing is carried out annually to improve employee safety or the safety of your tenants and families.

Try to avoid using PAT Testing companies using telephone marketing to gain your custom because they often have higher PAT Testing Prices. Also, look out for hidden extras at extortionate prices. Many companies charge high prices for extra services such as microwave leakage and socket fixing.

Use our Greater Manchester PAT Testing price calculator to get an instant online quote. We recommend using this price calculator if you’re in the Manchester, Blackburn, Bolton, Lancashire and Cheshire areas because we are based there which can help reduce PAT testing costs.

PAT Testing Prices 2018 – Get Your Instant Online Quote Today!

Step 1

Submit your electrical testing requirements via our online price calculator.

Step 2

Get cost estimation based on your area (Extra items are charged at 50p per item).

Step 3

Book preferred service time

Step 4

We will contact you to confirm your quote estimation & date (We will provide you with PAT Testing Prices).

All products are labelled when passed and a certificate is issued on completion. We also produce an itemised engineers report on all items tested. We also offer microwave leakage testing at £5.00 per microwave and socket testing starting from only £10.00

We’re confident we offer the best service at the best price but if you do find a cheaper price elsewhere we guarantee to beat it. Why not try using our online price calculator to see how much you could be saving.

Price match guarantee within the Greater Manchester area (We save our customers an average of 30%).

About Us

At Greater Manchester PAT Testing we provide PAT Testing and Fixed wire solutions for companies, educational institutions, landlords, hotels and many other types of organizations.

We pride ourselves on our service standards which are exceptional and our prices are the most competitive.

With over 8 years of experience you’re in safe hands.

If you’re interested in the world of PAT Testing you can keep up-to-date via the Seaward News page who provide the latest news on everything related to Portable Appliance Testing as well as much more.


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