What is Electrosmog?

26th October 2017by Admin0

What is Electrosmog? – a simple explanation

The most important question of all is covered in this video: what actually is electrosmog? in other videos we talk about what can be done against it and ways to find out if you are suffering from the influence of electrosmog. https://www.swissharmony.co.uk What is Electrosmog: https://youtu.be/llNxX7HKYKM (available from the 17th February 2017) 6 symptoms of electrosmog: https://youtu.be/9gyqQ9FW_zc (available from the 24th February 2017) 8 ways to protect from electrosmog: https://youtu.be/BGcqrbzfB28 (available from the 3rd March 2017) How does Swiss Harmony work?: https://youtu.be/K9S1wkFMIiw (available from the 10th March 2017) Why is electrosmog harmful?: https://youtu.be/KnK5DeImH0g (available from the 17th March 2017) Swiss Harmony Homepage: https://www.swissharmony.co.uk Swiss Harmony Shop on: UK: https://www.swissharmony.co.uk/shop USA: https://www.swissharmony.com/shop Swiss Harmony on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Swissharmonyuk Swiss Harmony on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwissHarmonyuk Swiss Harmony on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/SwissHarmony?…


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