8 Ways to protect from electrosmog

26th October 2017by Admin0

8 Ways to protect from electrosmog – simple steps to make yourself safe

In this video we talk about the 8 best ways to protect yourself from the influence of electrosmog. These simple steps can be done by anyone and some of them are more elaborate solutions. https://www.swissharmony.co.uk What is Electrosmog: https://youtu.be/llNxX7HKYKM (available from the 17th February 2017) 6 symptoms of electrosmog: https://youtu.be/9gyqQ9FW_zc (available from the 24th February 2017) 8 ways to protect from electrosmog: https://youtu.be/BGcqrbzfB28 (available from the 3rd March 2017) How does Swiss Harmony work?: https://youtu.be/K9S1wkFMIiw (available from the 10th March 2017) Why is electrosmog harmful?: https://youtu.be/KnK5DeImH0g (available from the 17th March 2017) Swiss Harmony Homepage: https://www.swissharmony.co.uk Swiss Harmony Shop on: UK: https://www.swissharmony.co.uk/shop USA: https://www.swissharmony.com/shop Swiss Harmony on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Swissharmonyuk Swiss Harmony on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwissHarmonyuk Swiss Harmony on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/SwissHarmony?…


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